Yes, coffee business has evolved over the years. But, despite Colombian coffee has the recognition as one of the best in the world, “qualification” and “standards” are not the most popular words on their vocabulary. We think is time to change that.

That is why you will see, on each of our coffee bags, a stamp that shows the cupping score of our product, according to several certified Q Graders. A qualification, as reported by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) standards, to rate the coffee and ensure its quality.

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colombian coffee bean
colombian coffee bean
colombian coffee bean
colombian coffee bean

What some cool people have to say about our coffee.

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Barbax Skateaboarding


Filmer, photographer, team manager and a passionate skateboarder for more than 20 years. Creator of #ParchEscuela . A skating school where you can have fun and practice this sport. His favorite drink? No doubt, Specialty Colombian Coffee. A Q.coffee in the morning, very hot and with a strong flavor.
Leanna Pyburn

Daisy López

Recognized Colombian model. Nominated for the Cromos awards as the best model in this country. For her, Specialty Colombian Coffee is one of the best drinks because is a natural fat burner and energy drink. So, she chooses Q.Coffee every day before her exercises routine.

Enjoy Colombian Best Coffee

Just take a chance to connect to your senses and be transported to a different place.

When we say: “Luxury specialty coffee” we do mean it. Colombian coffee has a worldwide recognition as one of the best coffees in the world, and for us, is not just a simple recognition. We’ve earned it, using cupping score as our standard that makes our coffee certified. Making the positioning of Q.coffee possible; as a Quality hallmark. Since drinking a cup of Q.coffee is an invitation as well to explore and rediscover that coffee means a lot more than what you think.

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Reduce Alzheimer chance*

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Fat burn*

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B2, B5 Vitamins*

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Reduce diabetes chance*

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Stay alert!*

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Combat depression*

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Reduce some cancer types*

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Reduce stroke risks*

FairCafe a Great paid value certificate

Happy coffee growers families is what matters.

What most big corporations pay to coffee growers.

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$300 USD


Specialty Colombian Coffee growers earn 31% MORE! with Q.Coffee®


$450 USD


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Our Stories

Customer Testimonails

Drinking Q.Coffee is like having a long- lasting shot of natural energy. I enjoy its flavor and feel much more active, awake and creative. It's inspiration, coming from a cup of a Specialty Colombian Coffee

Fernanda Gómez. Communications Advisor.
Customer Testimonails

For me, Q.Coffee is synonymous with exclusivity. I know that I’m choosing a premium product. It's something different, a special flavor, a specific aroma, a unique image

Laura López. Project Manager.
Customer Testimonails

Every time I drink a cup of Q.Coffee, I have this feeling of being at home. It’s embracing, delicate and a delicious experience

Yelisa Duque. Business Administrator.
Customer Testimonails

I enjoy the multiple options I have with Q.Coffee. Whether it's an espresso or a cold brew, the taste is so special, that becomes memorable. I can also pair it with different foods, and it becomes a good option for me, throughout the day

Daniel Henao. Designer.